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Appointment Help

Take a language expert with you to your appointments at public offices.

Telephone Time

Get some coaching before your visa appointment or get help making phone calls in German.


Certified translations, birth certificates, contracts and visa support documents.

Translation, interpreting and telephone help for English speakers in Germany.

Red Tape Translation can help you make phone calls in German, prepare you for your visa appointment, go with you on the day and get your important documents translated and certified.

From Our Blog

  • Training the Troops with Coffee and Cookies

    It’s not very often that the Red Tape Translation team gets together in one place … certainly at least once a year for Christmas drinks, but in general, we tend to go it alone. We run around town meeting clients and taking them to appointments, or we sit in our home offices in different parts…
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  • What’s the Deal with Kirchensteuer/Church Tax?!

    You moved to Berlin, landed a job and just received your first pay cheque. You notice a deduction called “Kirchensteuer” in the small print and wonder what it could possibly be… What is Kirchensteuer? Kirchensteuer (church tax) is a tax imposed on members of some religious congregations in Germany. Who has to pay it? Taxpayers…
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  • Tips for Booking Appointments Online in Berlin

    Great news from the Bürgeramt! 2017 has brought with it a wave of days marked in blue on the online calendar – that means you can even get same-day appointments at registration offices across Berlin! Get clicking! Booking an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde is still not quite as easy and it can still take a…
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  • Opening Hours over Christmas/New Years

    2016. Some mixed feelings, some strange twists and turns. Whether you loved it or hated it, it’s soon to be over and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a “good slide” into the New Year. (Mudslide, anyone?) Red Tape Translation had a good year – we helped hundreds of expats with their…
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  • Flexible freelancing

    You might have noticed things have been quiet on the blog front lately as Kathleen has taken advantage of the flexibility of freelancer life to head to Singapore for a month in her other incarnation as a renowned opera singer. While the team in Berlin manages Red Tape Translation during local office hours and continues to support our clients…
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How It Works

  • General FAQs

    Can Red Tape Translation interpret or translate into other languages?  We can offer translation assistance in German, English, French and Spanish, and interpreting assistance in German, English and Spanish. Which other languages would you like help with in Germany? Let us know. Is Red Tape Translation also available in other cities? I can provide interpreters in…
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  • Translation FAQs

    I need a sworn/certified translation – can you do that? Red Tape Translation now offers certified translations from English, Spanish and French to German and German to English. Click here to get a quote. How do I pay for translations? The fees for written translations are usually paid in advance. You can either do a…
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  • Telephone Time FAQs

    I’m not comfortable with Red Tape Translation knowing my secret password. For certain phone calls, you might need to be identified by a service provider, or give verbal permission to have me participate in the conversation. There are usually ways to identify someone without giving out a secret password. But if you’re still not comfortable…
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  • Resources

    Moving to Berlin? Red Tape Translation has English language resources at hand to help you with the culture shock.

  • Appointment Help FAQs

    Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about getting Red Tape Translation to come with you to your appointment.

  • Opening Hours at Public Offices

    Auslaenderbehörde Monday and Tuesday 7am til 2pm Thursday 10am til 6pm Wednesdays appointment only, closed Fridays and weekends Buergerämter, Standesämter, Finanzämter The opening hours for the individual registry offices, tax offices, and citizen’s offices in Berlin are too complex to list on this website. In general, mornings are the best times to go if you…
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  • What to Expect On the Day

    You might find yourself with several weeks waiting time on your hands before your appointment comes around. This is a great time to make sure you’ve got all the paperwork you need. If you would like detailed help preparing for your permit appointment, you can buy an hour of Telephone Time and I’d be happy to take…
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